Monday, February 3, 2014

Me? Transferred?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello Everyone,

This week has been one for the record books! On Tuesday we met with an investigator with two members from the ward. We began teaching her the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and she seemed to really enjoy it. We talked about Faith and Repentance, and she bore such powerful testimony of both principles of the gospel.

On Wednesday we had our Zone Conference in St. Cloud, Minnesota. We hitched a ride with the Buffalo, Minnesota Elders to save on our miles. As we merged on to the freeway, the car hit a patch of black ice, and we swerved out of control. We slid for about 30 seconds, flipping into oncoming traffic and that back the other direction, and then finally we slammed into a light post at the side of the freeway. It was truly a miracle that we did not slide into the middle of the freeway and get hit by all of the oncoming traffic. Because of that miracle, none of us died or were injured, just a little frazzled. The car on the other hand needed to be towed away and repaired. Needless to say we were NOT going to be on time for the Zone Conference. A member watched the accident happen, and drove back to help out. President and Sister Clements later passed by the accident and called to check up on everything on their way to the conference. The car was towed away and we were driven to our car, and then we hopped back on to the freeway and took off for our zone conference. We ended up being only about an hour late, and we didn't miss any of President and Sister Clements trainings! Sister Clements talked to us about scattering sunshine, and spreading the happiness and joy that we have with others. She is such a remarkable woman. Every time we are able to hear from her, I am so filled with love for others and an indescribable happiness from her kindness and example. Later we were able to hear from President Clements. We talked about goal setting and prayer. We studied talks on prayer before the zone conference, and he was able to answer a lot of our personal questions on the topic of prayer. It was great! I always love being able to visit with President and Sister Clements and to be able to attend our Zone Conferences once a month :) At the end of our trainings, we sung the hymn "Israel, Israel God Is Calling" and I was overcome with the spirit as we sung one of the last verses. It talks about Celestial Spirits coming to help us, and I felt impressed once again that Wayne was here helping me along. Needless to say I wasn't really able to sing the last verse, but I did keep my composure!

On Thursday our cars were grounded because of a snow storm. I took this opportunity to deep clean our apartment, and to organize a bunch of our things! Our Zone Leaders called us earlier on in the day and went through our Zone Comment Sheets, and we leaned that our Area Book needed a little work. This was the perfect time to update and improve everything, so it worked out perfectly :) Later we were able to visit with an investigator and a Brother from the ward. She had some questions about her friend who passed away, and we were able to help her with some thoughts and things that were bothering her. It was a really great teaching opportunity, and you could see a physical change within her when her questions were answered!

On Saturday we went to Big Lake, Minnesota. While we were out tracting, we came across a man who was smoking weed, and had a pornographic t-shirt of a naked woman on. He said that he was religious (Jehovah's Witness), but that we could come visit with him later. He had to go to work. Hopefully he changed his outfit before he left, but who knows! Also, he probably shouldn't be driving after smoking weed, but whatever. He is in a place where we can really help him to improve his life, so maybe it was inspired that we came across him! Later we visited with a part member family, and they offered to feed us dinner. We went out tracting while they picked up the supplies, and then I helped them prepare part of the dinner and we had surf & turf California burritos. I just sucked it up and ate the shrimp-- the guacamole and the steak covered it up anyways! They are such a great family, I hope one day soon they will realize that this is the true church.

Sunday was the Super Bowl. After church we went out tracting, which was CLEARLY a bad idea. One woman answered the door and said "It's Sunday and it's the Super Bowl, WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?!?". Another woman we found popped up on pain killers because of a foot surgery, and she used the F word after each word in her sentences. I have realized though that the F word is just another word in the vocabulary for many people. Children even use it! Because of the Super Bowl our dinner was moved up an hour so that we would be out of their home before 5:00 when the game began. We went and did some stop bys, and ended up visiting with a member family. They had the Super Bowl on, but weren't super interested in it. They are Denver Bronco's fans, and didn't appreciate the whooping they were receiving from the Seattle Sea Hawks. We came around the time of the half-time show though, so it was SUPER difficult not to watch Bruno Mars, but it all worked out. I can watch two half-time shows when I get home and all of the commercials :) This family is having a rather difficult time with the passing of their son, but this Sister is definitely the stronger of the two. Their granddaughter is now living with her Mom, and has no current baptismal plans. Hopefully things will be able to work out in the near future. They are a great family!

Today we received our transfer emails, and I found out that I am being transferred to Crystal, Minnesota. I am sad to be leaving such a great ward, and all those who I have become really close with here, but I am excited for what this new area has in store for me. I know that God has a plan, I just don't always understand it in the moment ;) Everything will all work out though!

Thank you all for your love and support! I am so grateful for everything you have all done for me while I have been out on my mission, and for all of your kind emails and letters. They mean more to me than you will ever know! I hope you all have an amazing week :)

Best Wishes,

Elder Kyle William Andrews

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