Monday, April 27, 2015

Missionaries Always Stop by at Just the Right Moments

Hello Everyone,

This week has been great :) The weather has been kinda wacky, but things are good! On Monday we had our P-Day, which is always fun. It was my last P-Day that isn't super scheduled out, so it was good to be able to enjoy some down time haha! In the coming weeks we have our Zone P-Day, our District P-Day, and our Mall of America trip. I am super stoked for the upcoming P-Days though :) In the evening we had Family Home Evening with a family. I love that family! I shared the "repencil" lesson with them, and it was a really fun evening. Their daughter shared her hedgehog with us, so that was super cool! I did have a dumb blonde moment though. I tried to pet her hedgehog. Ouch! I did it quickly before anyone could warn me of my "special moment" so I got poked. I kind of want a hedgehog now, but it is also kind of a boring pet. You can't do much with it. Dogs are still the best! To finish off the day we visited with another family. We talked to them about the blessings of the gospel in families, and had a really great discussion. All in all it was a good day!

On Tuesday we had District Meeting, which is always exciting! This week District Meeting was on the Doctrine of Christ and our Missionary Purpose. We did a scripture chase, I talked about our purpose for a little bit, one Elder gave a training on the principle of love in missionary work, and the other Elder gave a training on the baptismal invitation. For my handout I had a red ribbon that I cut out at the library on the dye cut machine that I wrote our missionary purpose on, and on the back it says "What is your RIESEN for serving a mission?" and I had the "riesen" candies of course ;) After District Meeting I went on exchange with one of the new Elders in the area. He is originally from San Diego, California but then his family moved to a small town of 600 people in Idaho. For our exchange we did a little bit of everything. We did some finding, stopped by a few potentials and less-actives, and had a few appointments. In the afternoon the weather was nuts! It was a beautiful day, and then all the sudden it started hailing, then snowing, then it melted and was fine again. Crazy Minnesota weather! We visited with a man, which was kind of fun. My temporary companion taught him before he moved here, so we had a fun little reunion haha! We talked about the Book of Mormon and faith. In the evening we had a lesson with a family on the Plan of Salvation. I bought a can of cheap shaving cream, and we turned their kitchen table into a whiteboard. As we taught the Plan of Salvation, we drew what was happening into the shaving cream. It is always fun to be able to get hands on and involved in a lesson, and I think it helped them to learn better. It was super fun!

On Wednesday, Earth Day #SaveTheWorld and Administrative Professionals Day, we had an interview in the morning, and then we exchanged back at the temple. We went to the St. Paul Minnesota Temple with some members. They are great! At the temple I saw a few people that I knew so that was awesome! Two families from previous areas were there! It was great, plus I am starting to get the hang of this whole temple thing haha! I feel like I make a fool of myself half of the time, but this time I didn't need as much help at the veil. After the temple we had lunch and I did a little bit of clean up at our apartment. One of my goals on my mission is to always have a Celestial Apartment. Some of my companions are not always super supportive of this goal, however, so it makes it a little bit difficult. Since I have been in this area I have had two rather messy companions, so I have been on my own on the cleaning. I was cleaning, and my companion did some studying. We did some scheduling and made a bunch of phone calls in the afternoon and then we went out and did some finding. In the evening our appointments fell through, so we were able to help out with the Ward Service Project. We are responsible for a section of the highway, so we were doing some clean up alongside the highway. It was a good time. I was hanging out with my crew. We were freezing, but we made it fun! Kind of a gross job, but it worked out ;)

On Thursday morning we helped move some furniture. One family in the ward got some new furniture and so they gave our investigator family their old furniture. I never know how we always manage to get furniture in and out of people's homes, but it always works. It's a miracle! I swear this couch was NOT going to fit. We squeezed it through the doors, did some rearranging, and somehow we got it in! We visited with our investigator for a little while and reset his baptismal date for May 9th. They have had a rough week! She got Influenza B and Pneumonia, and then he got Bronchitis and Influenza B a day later. Needless to say we did some major hand washing after we met with them! Later we did our weekly service at the library. This week we were working on cow dye cuts. My companion cut out the cows, and I hole punched them and did some minor assembly. #BarnyardBash In the afternoon we had accountability with the Elders, and it sounds like things are starting to pick up. They found a few new investigators, and things are looking good! In the evening we did a little bit of finding, and then we had Family Home Evening with a family. It was the son’s turn to choose the game, and he chose Clue and Life. The daughter dominated at Clue, and then we weren't able to finish Life.

On Friday we had our time in the morning, and then we had accountability with the Zone Leaders. Good times! Now that we don't have Sisters in the District I don't have a gossip hour call with the Sister Training Leaders, so that was kind of weird. Later we did our weekly service at the Senior Center. Good ole' Yahtzee! This week only one person got a Yahtzee so it was a little bit slower. Still a good time though :) After the Senior Center we did some Weekly Planning. It kind of rocked my world a little bit. I realized that after this Weekly Planning session I will only have two more on my mission. Super weird! In the evening we stopped by a few people in another city and then we visited with an investigator. We shared the video, "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" with her and she loved it. She is interested in learning more about the Church and how it was established, so that video was perfect!

On Saturday we attended a baptism (8-year-old in the ward) and then we went to the library and made some music CD's. On Friday night recent convert from the other Elder’s ward was texting us and told us that she was having a tough time. She wasn't loving the new missionaries in their ward, and she felt like she was just in a little bit of a funk. She asked us if we knew of any upbeat and uplifting music that she could listen to to better surround herself with the gospel, and so we told her that we would make her a bunch of CD's to listen to with all kinds of uplifting music. In the afternoon we did some finding and met a couple cool people in the city. One of them has met with the missionaries before, and wants to come check out the Church sometime. The only problem is that he is a baseball coach for his son's team, and all of their games are on Saturdays and Sundays. Hopefully he will be able to come sometime soon though! In the evening we visited with a less-active member. We talked to her about Church, and she mentioned that she has really been meaning to get out and come to Church. They have been through some tough times recently, and she knows that Church can help them out.

On Sunday we attended Ward Council bright and early, and then we had Church. We have Stake Conference next week, so it was a Fast Sunday. Three of our investigators came to Church, so that was awesome! After Church we went and did some finding, and some stop by's. As the day progressed it felt like we were doing some records clean up haha! We stopped by a family, and they asked us how they could get their records removed. We told them, and then we stopped by another family. They also asked us how they could get their records removed. So then we stopped by yet another family. Same deal there. But to finish off our stop-by's, we visited with a family. One is a less-active member, and no one else in his family is a member. His Mom answered the door, and came out and talked with us for a while. She said they were busy and didn't have time to meet with us, but as we talked with her she began to open up more and more. She told us that her brother and his family were living with them and that he was a hardcore alcoholic, and was very controlling and verbally abusive. She said that she hates being in her home, and that she wants him to move out. Later her son came and joined us, and he told us that talking with us was kind of like a breath of fresh air. She told us that missionaries always come and stop by at just the right moments, and that they would like to meet with us again. We exchanged information and went on our way. It was a super cool moment! Later we had our weekly meeting with the Bishop after having dinner with his family, and then we had our weekly correlation meeting with the ward mission leader. We had an interesting finish to our evening, however. We got in the car to drive home, and I sat down on my seat (which was soaking wet) and our car smelled like alcohol. I looked over at my bag and noticed that my portable hand sanitizer had exploded, and so our car smelled like hand sanitizer haha! So we had a little clean up party to finish off the day.

Thank you all so much for all of your love and support! I have the best family and friends in the world :) It is crazy to think that in just 2 short weeks I will be home again. I found out this past week that my homecoming will be on May 17th, just a few days after my arrival home. You are all invited :)
Here are the details from the Facebook Invitation.

(Sunday, May 17 at 2:50pm

It's been a great two years serving in the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission (MMM) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! My homecoming will be at the Grandview Stake Center. I would love to see you!

Please join us immediately afterward at our home (1675 N 1670 W Provo) for food and great company ;)

For my non-LDS friends: Find out more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by visiting​)​

Have a great week!

Best Wishes,

Elder Kyle William Andrews

Monday, April 20, 2015

National Volunteer Week

Hello Everyone,

Sorry it took me so long today to send out my email haha! There was some drama this morning. If blood makes you queasy, skip this paragraph! So I was minding my own business, getting ready for the day, and I reached over to grab my toothbrush and brushed my razor with my finger. No big deal. I brushed my teeth, and continued getting ready for the day and then I realized my finger was gushing blood! I rinsed off my finger, and put a band-aid on, and went on my way. Later I realized my band-aid was overflowing and blood was getting all over my desk. So then I rewashed my hand, soaked up all the blood and put on a fresh new band-aid. A few minutes later, the same thing happened. So I got a paper towel, wrapped my finger in it, and waiting for the blood to die down. When my finger appeared to be done bleeding I got another band-aid and life was good again. Wait.... life wasn't good again! That band-aid started overflowing with blood as well! Good grief. So I wrapped my finger again, rinsed everything out, and waited for a while. Then I wrapped a new paper towel around my finger, put a band-aid over the paper towel, and that is how my finger will remain for the day haha! It still looks super nasty because blood has been seeping through the paper towel, but I needed to get on with my day haha. "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

It has been another great week! The sun has been out, the weather has been awesome, and spring has officially sprung :) On Monday we had our Zone Interviews with President Forbes. He drove out to our area to interview us and the Sister Missionaries, so that was fun. We were running late to our interviews however, and so I had the opportunity to meet this really nice man. We talked for a little while, and then he lowered my speeding ticket to the minimum fine. Officer... what a guy :p On the plus side, President Forbes did not take away my driving privileges! For the rest of the day we had our P-Day, so that is always fun. It was super rushed because of Zone Interviews, but we got it done. The evening was kind of a disaster, but it worked out haha! We had a dinner appointment, but the GPS took us the wrong way. So then we were SUPER late, and that was our day. Kind of a rough start to the week. Also on Monday the Sisters found out that one of them was going to work in the mission office while her leg heals, and the other Sister is going to a new area to be a Sister Training Leader. That area is going to be getting Elders again.

On Tuesday we did some finding in the morning and then I had a follow-up appointment with the chiropractor. I love going to the chiropractor! That Dr. is the best :) In the afternoon we had a lesson with a less-active member. He is definitely a talker, but it was good for him to get everything out. He has been through a lot lately! His Mom has an inoperable tumor, and his father-in-law just passed away. We talked a lot about that and talked about his recent vacation to Cancun. We shared Moroni 10:32 with him and talked about the importance of coming unto Christ. He is the only member in his family, but would like his family to join the Church. We talked about the importance of being a good example to his family. If he doesn't go to Church, then why would his family want to join the Church? In the evening we had the opportunity to visit with a couple. They are awesome! They used to work in the Mission Office. She was an office lady, and he was the car coordinator. They were in the office for my first transfer on my mission, and then they were released. We talked with them about missionary work, and they updated me on the previous mission president. Two daughters are both engaged, and they just had a mission reunion at their home this week. President Clements was called as a Bishop in a YSA Ward, and they are doing well. I can't wait to see them when I go home!

On Wednesday the transfer for the Sister occurred and we got an elder from Idaho and an elder from Taiwan. We were able to meet them as we did service in the morning. I am excited to get to know both of them better, and to be able to serve around them this transfer. In the afternoon we visited with an investigator. We discussed the Plan of Salvation with her and had a really good lesson. She has a fear of crowds and has her doubts about the Book of Mormon, but she still enjoys meeting with missionaries. Oddly enough one of her goals is to make it out to Salt Lake City, Utah and attend General Conference. I don't know how that would work out if she can't go to Church because of her fear of crowds, but hopefully she can make it happen. To finish off the day we visited with a couple. They are snow birds. They live here in Minnesota in the spring, summer, and fall and then peace out when it gets cold and snowy. They hang out in Arizona and places that are warm. I think it is a great idea! They are back now from their trip, so we were able to meet them and get to know them better. She has been a member for about six years. She is having a tough time with her health right now. She is in her 70's, and suffers from dementia. He is not a member. He is a Lutheran, but comes to Church with his wife each week. We shared the Easter "Because He Lives" video with them and talked to them about the Atonement referencing the Book of Mormon. They are a really cool couple!

On Thursday, Holocaust Remembrance Day, we did our weekly service at the library. I cut out tennis shoe name tags, and my companion was trained on how to organize and put books away. Later we had accountability calls with the other Elders and our Zone Leaders. The new Elders had only been there for a day, so it was mostly a get to know you call. Good times! Later I had another check up with the Chiropractor said that things are improving! Later in the afternoon we did some finding and stopped by a few less-active members. We visited with a less-active member for a little bit. We caught him right before the Minnesota Wild play-off game, so we didn't have much time, but he said that we can visit with him again soon. We also stopped by a potential investigator. He was super busy, but he told us to try back later. To finish off the evening we had Family Home Evening with an investigator family. One of them was going through a really tough time, because the night before one of her friends overdosed on drugs and passed away. We made sure to make it a fun and exciting evening, and our lesson next week will be on the Plan of Salvation. We played Scrabble and Sorry for a little bit, and had a pretty good time :)

On Friday we had a Zone Service Project in Minneapolis. We were doing some gardening in the park. We did some weeding, and mulch spreading, and a bunch of other things in the community butterfly gardens. It was super fun! I always really like getting together with all the missionaries in our Zone. Later we had our weekly service at the Senior Center. We played Sweep Six this week. Sweep Six is a super simple, and kind of boring game. The residents much prefer Yahtzee, but they put out Sweep Six for us this week. You roll a dice, and try to be the first person to roll all the numbers. We had been out in the sun all morning, so I was exhausted haha! It all worked out though, and I didn't fall asleep :) for the rest of the afternoon we did our Weekly Planning and then drove up to another town. We visited with a member and shared the video, "Treasure In Heaven: The John Tanner Story" and talked about consecration. She really struggles with paying tithing and fast offerings. When we first came over she told us that she just got a bunch of bills from when her husband was in hospice, and that she was super overwhelmed. She told us that she wouldn't be able to come back to Church because she wouldn't be able to pay anything. She grew up Catholic, and she told us that when you enter in the Church you would be given an envelope and you were expected to fill it with money. We assured her that that was not the case, and that she could still come to Church. We encouraged her to pray about it and to visit with the Bishop, but I still think she is having a really hard time with it.

On Saturday we started off the day with a Senior Center volunteer breakfast. Apparently it is National Volunteer Week, so that was super fun! Later we went to the library and did some time. Twas a party! In the afternoon we went and got our windshield wipers replaced, so that is always exciting. We did some finding in a new home development and found some cool new people that live near some members in our ward. The new Elders asked us to fill the baptismal font for them for an 8 year old's baptism, so we did. The font was filled perfectly, and people were supposed to arrive at 6:00. 6:00 came, and no one was there! We waited and waited and finally at 6:05 (yeah, I tried to make myself sound patient there... 5 whole minutes of waiting haha!) we called the new Elders, and they checked their phone to make sure the baptism was that night. Sure enough the baptism is next week. Usually when someone is baptized the person that baptizes empties the font while they are still wet... but because no one was baptized, draining the font was an issue. We ran home and I grabbed some clothes that I could get wet in, and I drained the font. #SwimmingParty Kind of exciting! We took pictures of course. No judging my white legs! They don't see much sunshine. To finish off the day, our investigator had his baptismal interview. Everything went well, but he will need to be interviewed by someone in the Mission Presidency for some past transgressions, so his baptism will be postponed a little bit to either the first or second week of May depending on how soon he can be interviewed. Kind of a crazy day!

On Sunday we had Church. Our investigators came which was awesome! In the afternoon we did some finding. We stopped by a less-active member and talked with him for a while. They had some people over, so it wasn't a good time, so we will have to try them again before I go home. We found a few cool people a woman and a Lutheran Pastor. Teaching Pastors is always interesting... usually it doesn't work out all that well though, but we will see. We stopped by someone on a list that the Bishop gave us, but they DO NOT want contact with the Church. They made that very clear to us :p We did some finding in their neighborhood for a bit, but the people there were all super grumpy. To finish off the day we had a lesson with a member. We talked about the Prodigal Son and repentance. It was a really good lesson. I feel like I learned a lot from him, so that was cool! All in all it was a really good day.

I got my "death packet" this week, so that was kind of strange. I have to start working on some post-mission goals, and write a report on my mission. It has been a while since I have written an essay, so this should be interesting! No flight plans yet to report on though.

I also have EXTREMELY IMPORTANT news to report. So I am going home super soon, if you didn't already know. I decided to push my luck a little bit, and I called up President Forbes and asked for permission to go somewhere that I have always wanted to go on my very last P-Day on my mission. He thought about it, and then gave me consent to got! So we are going to the Mall of America with the some members! OH MY GOSH I am SO excited :) We just can't go to Hooters like stupid missionaries in the past haha. He made that very clear to me over the phone! The Mall of America rule was instituted by the First Presidency because missionaries had lunch at Hooters forever ago and took a pictures with the servers which ended up on the wall in the restaurant. Apparently the Church had to pay big bucks to get it taken down, and then Mall of America privileges were revoked.

Thank you all for all of your love and support! You are the best :) Hope you have a great week!

Best Wishes,

Elder Kyle William Andrews

Monday, April 13, 2015

Embarking in the Service of God

Hello Everyone,

This week has been great! On Monday we had our P-Day which is always a blast, and then we went out and did some finding for a little while. We were able to meet this really cool guy and talk to him a little bit about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the new video that the Church created, #BecauseHeLives. Later we visited with the ward mission leader’s family who is all tanned and happy from their cruise to Costa Rica! Hopefully they will bring some warm weather our way ;) We had a lesson with them on the topic of repentance. I used the pencil Family Home Evening lesson, and they loved it! Their daughter renamed it a "repencil!" Good times :)

On Tuesday we had District Meeting in the Sisters community room. We talked about teaching while you find, and finding while you teach. We discussed the importance of talking to everyone, and asking everyone for referrals. We talked about embarking in the service of God and the new 2015 youth theme, #Embark! I had a pirate ship that I cut out with the dye cut at the library for everyone that said "Ahoy Mateys!" and then quoted D&C 4:2 and then of course had the hashtag Embark ;) I also had Chips Ahoy cookies to go along with the whole "Ahoy Mateys!" theme. It was a party :) Our District is very different this transfer. It was a good time though. After District Meeting we blitzed the Sisters area for a little while and found some cool new people for them to teach. They have kind of a tricky situation with the Sister's bone spur, so they can't do much finding. Hopefully this helped them out a little bit! For some reason my back started hurting really bad, so we went back to our area, grabbed some meds, and then we went finding in our area for a little while. We found a couple people that might have some potential in the future. We met three potential investigators. Later we stopped by an investigator family and I introduced my new companion to them and caught up with them. To finish off the evening we had a lesson with another investigator family. We watched "The Mountain of the Lord" and talked about the Plan of Salvation and the temple. It was a really fun lesson :)

On Wednesday we did some Area Book Work in the morning, and then went out finding for a little while. We met three potential investigators. They were all really nice, but one probably has the most potential. We will have to see where things go! Later we had the Minneapolis Zone Leadership Conference (MZLC) in Minneapolis. My companion went with another Elder and worked for a little while while the Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders met together for a little while. We talked about upcoming changes in the mission, focus items for this transfer, etc... It was a really good meeting! It is always fun to be able to meet together with other missionaries :)

On Thursday we did our weekly service at the library. We mostly were working on dye cuts for all of the summer reading programs. It was a party ;) Afterward I had an accountability call with the Sisters. The Sisters found out that the Sister with bone spurs will be moved to the mission office soon for the next two transfers so that she can not put as much stress on her leg, and hopefully recover. We are not 100% sure when she is leaving, or what is going to happen, so who knows what is going to happen. Hopefully they don't close the Sisters area! After accounting, I had to go to the chiropractor. I have no clue what I did to my back, but it was NOT happy with me! The mission recommended that I go see a chiropractor, so I scheduled an appointment with a member's brother-in-law. It was good to be able to catch up with him again, and to find some relief :) I had never been to a chiropractor before, and it was awesome! Now I want to go all the time! That is probably why my parents have never permitted me to go see a chiropractor haha ;) Later we visited with an investigator family and started planning things out for the dad's baptism and preparing for his baptismal interview. They are doing well, and he is super excited for his baptism! The mom talked with her work about getting Sundays off, and so she only has to work the next two Sundays and then she will be off permanently! To finish off the evening we had Family Home Evening with a different investigator family. We talked about the 10 commandments, and then we played a few card games (Kings Corner and B.S.). It was super fun :) Their family is doing really well.

On Friday it snowed. Not cool! It warmed up later so that was good, but seriously Minnesota... In the morning we did some time at the library, and I downloaded a few conference talks and music from General Conference. Later we had accountability with our Zone Leaders and I had gossip hour with the Sister Training Leaders. Afterward we went over to the Senior Center and played Yahtzee with the residents. Always a good time haha ;) For the remainder of the afternoon we did our Weekly Planning which is always a good time! In the evening we did some finding, and then we visited with a sister. We watched a movie with her about the Prodigal Son and shared a talk from General Conference with her called "Waiting On The Prodigal" I believe. It was a really great meeting :)

On Saturday we visited with a family in the morning with a joint teacher. We talked with them about the Plan of Salvation and discussed family history with them as well. They are planning on going to the temple next week with some of her family's names that they found on Family Search. Later in the afternoon it was the Ward Day of Service at the Senior Center. We played Bingo with the residents there, and helped them out. I sat next to a woman who was a total hoot! She cussed like a sailor! Every time they called a number that she didn't have, she would yell something haha. Later when we were taking them back to their rooms I found out that she has Alzheimer's. She was very concerned, because she had no clue where her room was or where she was. I felt super bad for her and then luckily a super nice lady that worked at the home came over and helped her out :) On the way home we were walking down the street and we saw someone driving with a Utah license plate. Then they started pulling over. I said to my companion, "surely they are Mormon!" Turns out, it was Elder and Sister Graff, Medical Missionaries from the Mission Office. The office is closed on Saturdays, so they were out and about sight seeing in Minnesota! We went out to lunch with them and had a super fun time. They are great! In the evening a member called us and told us that she was feeling really lousy, and that she wanted a blessing. We rearranged things, called their home teacher and went over to their home with him and gave her a blessing. We talked with them about our investigator's baptismal date, and rescheduled it for the 25th of April. She had to work on Sunday this week and then next week, and so on the 26th she will have work off and will be able to attend his confirmation.

On Sunday, Eastern Orthodox Easter, we had Ward Council early in the morning. Later we had Church and our investigator came all by himself after he dropped off his wife at work. After Church we had a meeting with the Bishop, and then went on our way. We went finding for a while in the afternoon, and the weather was awesome! 82 degrees and sunny :) We stopped by a few potentials and knocked a few doors. In the evening we had correlation with the ward mission leader and it started pouring rain and there was thunder and lightning all through the sky. It was crazy! Running to our car and getting soaked was certainly an adventurous way to end the week haha ;)

All in all it was a super good week :) Thank you all for all of your love and support. You are the best! Here are some fun pictures that I took while we were out finding this week. Enjoy!

Best Wishes,

Elder Kyle William Andrews

Monday, April 6, 2015


Hello Everyone,

This week has been absolutely incredible! On Monday we got our transfer email, and my companion got transferred. Most of our P-Day consisted of him packing up and getting ready to go. In the evening we had dinner with a family, and then husband took us to the Viking's Training Facilities for a tour. It was super cool! It reminded me of when Brother Holmoe took us on a tour of the BYU football training facilities! We were allowed to take pictures, but I can't really send them home or put them on Facebook... but I will have to show you all some sweet pictures when I get home :) I got a shot of the outside to send home though haha!

On Tuesday we mostly went around saying goodbye to people. We had a lesson with a family where we shared the new video, "Because He Lives". Then we visited with an investigator and shared a Bible Video called "John The Beloved's Witness." In the evening we visited with a family and participated in their Holy Week Family Home Evening. They went through all of the things that Christ did this week concluding in his death and resurrection. It was a super fun lesson :) Then we shared with them the new "Because He Lives" video, and they loved it!

On Wednesday, April Fools Day, we had our transfer meeting. It it always fun to be able to get together as a big group of missionaries and see all of your friends all over the mission! I found my new companion and we headed back to our area. My new companion is from San Diego, California. He has been on his mission for about 7 1/2 months now, and has served in two areas. He is a good kid! I really like serving with him. He just killed his last companion, so apparently he is going on a killing spree haha ;) For those of you that are not familiar with this terminology, killing your companion means that you are their last companion before they go home. My companion unpacked his belongings and got settled in the apartment, and then we went to work! Miracles followed. We stopped by a few people and then went finding around the area. We call it 10x10ing. Basically it just means that you go knocking the street of the person you stopped by. As we did that, a sweet elderly woman answered the door and invited us in. Apparently they have visited with missionaries in the past, and love learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ. They have no intentions of joining our Church, but they love to learn. We talked to them a little bit about Easter and shared the video "Because He Lives." They are definitely talkers, but they loved discussing Easter and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They asked a lot of really great questions as well! We also invited them to General Conference this weekend, so we shall see what happens. Later we did a little more finding. We found three new investigators! We have return appointments with them all. It was an AMAZING day, let me tell ya! I am so glad that I have a companion who wants to work hard with me and get things done. In the evening we had a lesson with a family to finish off the day. Their home teacher had just visited with them and discussed the topic of apostasy with them. They had a few questions for us, and so we were able to teach them about the restoration. At the end of our lesson we invited our investigator to be baptized on April 18th, and he accepted! Good things are in the works :)

On Thursday we did our weekly service at the library. My companion cut out some things, and I was at the dye cut machine cutting out Easter eggs and red barns. It was awesome! As we were working, I was able to talk with and get to know one of the employees at the library. Later, she started asking a few questions about our Church. "Do you celebrate Easter? Do you believe in Jesus Christ?" etc... Classic questions! We were able to talk about Easter, Jesus Christ, Prophets, the works! I shared a "Because He Lives" card with her, and she said that she would look up the video. She said that she has seen our Church's commercials on TV before, and that she absolutely loved them! Later I had an accountability call with the Sisters that went really well. One Sister stayed in the area, and got a new companion. The new companion had a bone splint in her knee and so she has to walk on crutches for the time being. They are waiting to find out if she needs surgery. We talked a little bit about creative finding ideas for cripples haha ;) It was a really good call though! Afterward we did our Weekly Planning and got things done. It was awesome! Later we stopped by two people that the Bishop has identified that we should reach out to. One is in Mexico with his wife, but we were able to talk with his non-member daughter at the door for a while and share a "Because He Lives" card with her. The other answered the door, but they were in the middle of dinner, and he did not appear to be very interested. We have been trying to get in contact with him for a while now, so it was good to at least be able to see him and assess his situation. Now we can return and report :) To finish off the day, we had a lesson with a family. We shared the "Because He Lives" video with them and talked about Easter and General Conference. The Sister is not a big fan of "TV Church" but as we talked about it more with them, they opened up and agreed to give it a try! One of their missionaries from when they were in New York is visiting with them right now. Hopefully she will continue to be a good influence on them! Good things are happening here in the Ward!

On Friday, Good Friday (Passover Begins at Sundown), we went to the library and researched some new videos on Then we had accountability with the Zone Leaders, and then gossip hour with the Sister Training Leaders. All good things, all good things :) Later in the afternoon we went over to the the Senior Center, and played Yahtzee with the residents there. Not my day for Yahtzee haha, but it was really fun. We definitely work with quite a few characters! Afterward we went to go get our oil changed, which took FOREVER! Plus, the Church uses national accounts for most things, and the Goodyear that we went to was not really sure how to process a national account so that added some extra time as well. In the evening we visited with a sister and shared the video "Legacy" with her and talked a little bit about some Church history and helped to prepare her for General Conference.

On Holy Saturday, we basically just had General Conference all day haha! Here are a few of the highlights :) In the Saturday morning session I really enjoyed Sister Linda K. Burton's talk on marriage, which is kind of ironic. I have always had a goal that I am not even going to think about marriage and children and families until I am graduated, employed, experienced, etc... This topic was addressed many times during General Conference. Oddly enough, one of my questions going into General Conference was concerning what my goals should be when I return home from my mission. Apparently I need to add dating and marriage to my list of goals. Weird. I am nowhere near old enough to get married haha! I also liked Elder Dallin H. Oaks talk on the Parable of the Sower. In the afternoon I really enjoyed Elder WIlford W. Anderson's talk on the gospel dance where we not only need to learn the dance steps (gospel), but hear the music (the Spirit) as well. It reminded me of when I was on a ballroom team in high school. We would often rehearse without the music. It was rather difficult at times, and kind of awkward. I much preferred dancing to the music! I also really liked Elder David A. Bednar's talk on Godly fear. I have always somewhat questioned the topic of Godly fear. I didn't know why a loving Heavenly Father would want you to fear Him. His talk provided great insight for me! In the evening we attended the Priesthood Session of General Conference. I really enjoyed Elder M. Russell Ballard's talk. He gave a "one-on-one" Priesthood interview and asked a series of questions. He also talked about RM's. He reminded us that RM does not stand for Retired Mormon ;) He also told us to date and get married. Good grief! I also enjoyed Elder Larry M. Gibson's talk about materialism. I think my favorite talk though was by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf about Potemkin's Village. I think I have always been one to put on a show for other people. I have always been a perfectionist. He reminded us that while it is not completely a bad thing, we must not mask reality.

On Easter Sunday, we watched more General Conference haha ;) In the morning session I really enjoyed Elder Brent H. Nielsen's talk on the Prodigal Son. I feel in many different ways that I can relate to several different characters in that parable. I also liked Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk on the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation. He always gives great talks! And then I liked Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk on grace. It reminded me of Brad Wilcox's talk, "His Grace Is Sufficient." In the afternoon session I really liked Elder Kevin W. Pearson's talk on Lehi's dream. He had a lot of really great points in his talk. I also enjoyed Elder Russell M. Nelson's talk on keeping the Sabbath day holy. In the evening we had a lesson with a family. We discussed General Conference with them and some of their favorite talks, and shared a few mission stories with them. It was great!

All in all, it was a super great week :) Things are going really well. Thank you all for all of your love and support. I hope you had a great Easter weekend! Talk to you soon :)

Best Wishes,

Elder Kyle William Andrews