Monday, January 27, 2014

The Frozen Chosen

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello Everyone,

This week has been quite eventful! On Monday after all of our P-Day activities, we went to visit with a less-active family in Elk River. The sister is becoming much more active, and her granddaughter is progressing amazingly well towards baptism. The granddaughter was at her Mom's house on Monday though, and her dad was downstairs. On Tuesday morning we got a call informing us that he had passed away Monday evening, and that it was of a very sensitive nature, he had taken his own life. They also asked us not to visit with them until after the memorial service on Monday (today). This will be devastating for their family, my heart really goes out to them at this time.

On Tuesday I went on exchange with an Elder from Logan, Utah. We had some really great experiences like teaching an investigator the restoration and committing her to a baptismal date of February 28th, and running into a former investigator and talking to him about the Book of Mormon! Wednesday morning we exchanged back with our companions, on a SUPER cold and windy day. On the way over to the church, the wind pushed our car into a ditch! Luckily we didn't go very far into the snow, but it was FREAKING cold outside and the wind was blowing at 20 MPH. It was not a fun experience! Luckily a truck came and saw us struggling to get our car out of the ditch, so he came and pulled our car out with a tow strap. I was so grateful that someone came to help us, but that is part of the Minnesota Nice thing they have going on here! I'm sure he got a few chuckles out of it. People here get stuck in ditches all the time though. They either slide on ice, the wind blows them, or a combination of the two. Not cool!

On Wednesday, we went tracting in the cold windy weather. I was wearing a whole bunch of layers, and had a hat and a face mask on, so I looked like a creeper. Not exactly the first impression you usually go for, but it was dang cold! We were able to teach a few lessons, but weren't able to see a whole lot of success. Believe it or not, people here don't actually enjoy being in the cold ;)

On Friday we were invited over to a member family’s for dinner, one of my favorite families here! When we got into their house, I instantly recognized this brothers Frye boots. We are so alike! He was telling us about their Mall of America adventure a few days previous. I can't wait to be able to go to the Mall of America sometime after my mission! They made crepes, which was a first for my companion. He is very interesting with food. He does NOT eat vegetables or dessert. I guess in a way it kind of equals out in the end.

On Saturday we stopped in to visit with an investigator after moving a family into their home. She talked with us about a recent incident with her daughter, and that she was back in the hospital for depression. We talked about some possible activities that we might be able to do with them when she gets home, and the mom seemed to really like that! Hopefully we will be able to really help this family.

On Sunday an investigator came to church, as did the Sister who’s son passed away. It was great to have them at church! This sister is going through a really tough time with the death of her son, and asked if we could come over later that evening. When we were at their home she seemed to be doing a lot better, although a death in the family is never easy. We reassured her that we would be at the memorial service on Monday, and she seemed to like that. Hopefully all will be well with their family.

This week has been interesting with our current miles situation. The church gives us a gas card, but they limit the amount of miles we can use each month. Because our Zone Conference was moved to the 29th of January, we need at least 80 miles to get to St. Cloud and back with 3 days left in the month. Yikes! We have been walking a TON, and getting rides with members because we are pretty much out of miles. Not good! Walking is pretty awful in the winter. Next month is right around the corner though, so that is good :)

I am so grateful for all of your love and support. Your letters and emails are always so filled with love, and I really enjoy hearing from you all :) I hope you all have an amazing week, and that you are all staying warm! Somehow God thought it would be funny to send me to Minnesota during one of the coldest winters in 20 years. Frozen chosen is an understatement. Talk to you soon :)


Elder Kyle William Andrews

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