Monday, March 23, 2015

Because He Lives

Hello Everyone,

This week has been good. Super slow though! On Monday, Benito Juarez's Birthday (MX) (yeah... who knows who that is. It was printed on my calendar though! Must have been a good guy!), we had our P-Day. A member cut our hair so that was exciting... In case you were wondering, my fear of people (not professionals) cutting my hair has not improved. I have gotten a little bit better at not cringing when people go to chop my hair though ;) He did a pretty good job. After getting my hair cut, we had to take a picture with the new Minnesota / St. Patrick's Day shirt that I bought at Target that morning. It was super cheap, and represents Minnesota perfectly haha! We borrowed some "beverages" from the members to complete the look. For work parties and other events he has acquired quite a few "beverages" that they use for cooking. Or at least that is what they told us ;) In the evening we visited with a new family that moved into the ward. We had some good laughs, and they shared a bunch of great stories with us!

On Tuesday, St. Patrick's Day, we had District Meeting at the a member’s home. It was kind of fun having District Meeting in someone's home :) We talked about working with members, and had a lot of really great discussions. For the training, I borrowed a hand out from one of my former trainings. I gave everyone a Skor bar that said "SKOR Some Referrals - Work With Members." All in all, it worked out really great! It was our last District Meeting for the transfer, so that was kind of crazy. Our investigators were sick, so they had to cancel their appointment with us, so we did a lot of finding in the evening.

On Wednesday we did some time in the morning, and then for the remainder of the day we basically went finding. We had some appointments in the afternoon and evening, but they again cancelled. Kind of the theme of this week! It was a rough day. Luckily, it all worked out. "I am yet alive" (Mosiah 7:12).

On Thursday we did our weekly service at the library. This week I decided to take on some bigger projects. I took the carts of DVD's and audio books, and went and put them all away. The adult DVD's and audio books were no problem, but the children's DVD's and audio books were a disaster! So I took them all off the shelf and alphabetized them all and reorganized them. It took a little while, but it was totally worth it :) I love organization. A warning to all you children, you best not touch my organized shelves! In the afternoon we went and visited with an investigator. We watched a video with her called "Easter Dream". It shares a great message about the importance of Easter and celebrating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ! We talked with her about how General Conference would be on Easter this year, and she asked us a few questions about General Conference. We also talked a little bit about fasting. Because of the way our schedule works out, Fast Sunday was this week, next week will be our Easter Sunday service, and then we have General Conference. We had a really great discussion with her! Afterward we stopped by a few potentials, and made our way back to the city. In the evening we visited with a family. He invited his mother and brother-in-law over for dinner who are not members. After dinner we had a great discussion about Easter, and watched the Churches video from last Easter called "Because of Him." His brother-in-law really liked the video and mentioned that the wording really reminded him of a video that he had seen recently. He then shared a really cool YouTube video with us. It is a song by Kari Jobe called "Forever". It is super good and you should definitely look it up :) All in all, it was a really good day!

On Friday, the first day of Spring, we had a Zone Service Project. #HairnetSwag #MannaPack #FMSC It is always fun to get together as a zone :) After our Zone Service Project we had accountability with the Zone Leaders and gossip hour with the Sister Training Leaders. All in all things are going pretty well in our District, we are all just trying to find new people to teach! Later we went over and did our weekly service at the senior living center. We played a game called sweep six this week. You have the numbers 1-6 written on a board and the goal is to be the first person to roll all the numbers. You go around in a circle and roll the dice, and when you roll a number you cover it with a poker chip. To quote one of the residents, "It's a mindless game." Old people are hilarious! "ROLL THE DICE!" "SHAKE IT!" "IT'S YOUR TURN!" There is quite a bit of yelling. Gotta love hearing loss haha ;) In the evening we did our Weekly Planning, because our morning was all booked out. This week a lot of plans were able to be transferred over, because most of our appointments fell through. I am not entirely sure what we are doing wrong, but something certainly needs to change!

On Saturday we did a lot of Area Book Work in the morning. Our Area Book was horrendous. I almost completely redid the Area Book, but then I was reminded that soon they would be going digital and will have the Area Book App, so it wouldn't matter anyway. When I was in a different area, I completely redid our Area Book and it was awesome! I called everyone on the Ward Directory, cleared out old numbers, got rid of people that didn't live there anymore, etc... I also called all of our potentials, rewrote them all, and reorganized them in alphabetical order and in order by city. It was super nice :) I love organization! But at least I made a little bit of headway on the Area Book. It will now be easier for them to transfer everything to the Area Book App whenever that happens. In the afternoon we visited with a member and talked with him about the importance of faith and continuing to learn and grow in the Church. He is kind of in a tough spot right now. He is 34 years old, single, and in a family ward. He was kicked out of his singles ward because he is too old, and Minnesota doesn't have mid-singles wards. He isn't particularly enthused about getting married either... bad experiences in the past. But it makes being in a family ward kind of awkward. As we were leaving the Elders Quorum President stopped by, so it was definitely inspired timing! To finish off the evening we had Family Home Evening with a family. My companion’s Mom sent some fudge and some gifts for a few people that my companion has grown close to in this area, and so he gave the family a few games like a marbles game that they bought at Swiss Days, and a dice game called Tenzi. We played Tenzi, a game called Anomia, and a game called Pirates Dice. Later we shared a Mormon Message called "Look Not Behind Thee" and talked about Lot's Wife. It was a very fun evening :)

On Sunday our beautiful spring weather came to an end. It snowed again. The roads were pretty sketchy, plus it was just plain depressing to have a bunch of snow again haha! We had open mic Sunday for Church (Fast Sunday haha). Sacrament meeting was really awesome! I definitely had to hold myself together when a member was bearing her testimony about an experience she had a few weeks ago. She was flying home to Utah to visit with some family, and while she was at the airport in Utah she noticed a missionary sitting alone. She talked with him and found out that he was returning home from his mission in England. They talked for a while and discovered that they grew up in the same area, Beaver, Utah. They discussed a few people that they both knew, and then boarded the plane. Ironically, they were sitting across the isle from each other. They talked for a bit, and then the drink cart got in the way. At this point, he started talking to the woman he was sitting next to about the Church, and bearing strong testimony of the truths of the gospel. She later learned that he had been inactive for 18 years, and that it was a HUGE change for him to be going on his mission. As they arrived at the Salt Lake airport, she noticed that he looked a little bit lost. She helped him find the baggage claim, and his family. Then she watched him descend down the escalator and greet his family after two years of service as a missionary. She shared the scripture from Matthew 25, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant" and talked about how eager she was for her children to serve missions and to return home and descend down the escalator. The part of this story that is seldom told is how difficult it is to pack up and leave, and prepare for your descent down the escalator. But all in all, it was a super good sacrament meeting! I did have a cool thought after Church though :) By no means is this doctrine, but maybe one day it will be! Wouldn't it be great if for the sacrament we had Diet Coke instead of water and maybe some tortilla chips instead of bread? Chips and salsa would probably be a bit much, but it sure would be fun! Haha that is all :) After Church we had our weekly meeting with the Bishop, and then we started off on our day. We visited with some investigators... who didn't come to Church... again. We talked about the importance of Church, and invited them to attend Easter Sunday next week and then General Conference the week after. At dinner, the a family gave us a challenge for our meeting with the ward mission leader’s family to use the word "LOL" as much as possible. My companion was not up to the challenge, but I totally was! My companion was in charge of counting how many times I slipped lol into the conversation, and we were to report to the family later. We were not allowed to tell the the ward mission leader’s family about the challenge until we were leaving their home. While we were at their house, I said lol 20 times! I probably could have done a little better, but it was definitely a good time :) Their oldest made a face every time I said it, so she was relieved when we told them about the lol challenge! With the ward mission leader’s family after our weekly correlation meeting, we shared a message about the importance of the Book of Mormon and missionary work. We had a really great discussion with them. Definitely a great ending to the week :)

The Church is producing a new video for the Easter season called "Because He Lives." Starting on March 28th, they will be introducing a special series of messages centered on the power of the living Christ. Should be good :) #BecauseHeLives

Thank you all for your love and support! Thing are going well :) I hope you are all enjoying the spring! Have a great week.

Best Wishes,

Elder Kyle William Andrews

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