Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stake Conference and Sonic!

Hello Everyone,

It has been another crazy week in Minnesnowta! Last Monday we had our P-Day, and in the evening we met with a part-member family. The sister is a member, and so is one of her kids, but the rest of them are not members. We had a nice lesson with them on the Book of Mormon, and then went over to another investigator’s house. We watched the movie, "Mountain of the Lord", which talks about the building of the Salt Lake City temple, and the importance of doing temple work. We then had a quick family home evening lesson on doing temple work!

On Tuesday we started off the day doing service for a member. She had some house siding that she needed moved. Dang, that stuff is HEAVY! I remember looking at the stack of siding thinking what an easy project it was going to be, and it was much more difficult than I originally intended. Afterwards we went out finding for a little while. We met with the an investigator family. They are Lutheran I believe. We talked to them about the Book of Mormon and how our Church came to be. They really enjoyed learning, and she brought out a book that she had read that talked about Mormons. She said that a lot of the things she read were very similar to what she believes, but that it was worded differently so people think it is different. SWEET! A lot of people get very put off by publications about our Church, but she read between the lines and realized the similarities an truths written about us. Kind of cool! They even gave us both a cross that he made in the garage. He is a very handy man, so he just whipped one together for us. Right now mine is on my desk, but eventually I will send it home when I have a box of stuff to send. In the evening we had a lesson with Granny. We talked about General Conference and shared a message from Elder Bednar's talk, "Come And See." It was a super great day :)

On Wednesday we did service at Thrift With A Twist. We organized a few things, hung up some clothes, and did a little bit of cleaning. Afterwards we went and had a lesson with an older member. I always have mixed emotions every time we meet with her. She is 94, blind, and wants to go home to her Heavenly Father. She is such a sweet lady, but she is just ready to not be alive anymore! We shared a message with her about the temple, and she talked to us about her conversion and her first experiences with the temple. Her husband was not a member when he passed away, but now all his temple work has been completed, and she has been sealed to him. She has some amazing stories to tell! In the evening we got a text from the investigator couple. They were making deep fried candy bars, and wanted us to come join them. We didn't have much planned in the evening, so we went on over. The deep fried candy bars were SUPER good, but SUPER unhealthy. They just wrapped a candy bar in biscuit dough and deep fried it. Kind of fun :)

On Thursday we had District Meeting a different town, which means we went to SONIC!!! Hallelujah! I have been missing my Route 44 Diet Coke w/ Easy Ice and Cherry. I think this time she thought I said "Extra Ice" instead of "Easy Ice" though... but it was still super good :) After District Meeting, I went on exchange with an elder from Tracey, California (near San Francisco I believe). We had a super great exchange! First we went and contacted a referral that we received. He requested a Book of Mormon and wanted to start meeting with missionaries. He was an interesting character. I think he might be a little bit challenged, but for the most part he was all the way there. We taught him the restoration, and he talked to us about how he had already read everything on and that he already believes it all. He just had one complaint. He shared a scripture with us in the Book of Mormon that proves that the Trinity is still in full force. I have never had an investigator on our first lesson share a scripture with us from the Book of Mormon, so that was kind of cool :) We talked about how the Godhead are one in purpose, but that they are distinct beings. He wasn't buying it, but we told him to keep reading the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. We set up a time for him to come and tour the Church, and then we were on our way. In the evening we went out joint teaching. We had a lesson with the investigator couple on the restoration and the priesthood. Their kids acted out the restoration, so that was super fun :) Afterwards we had a lesson with the mother and daughter investigators. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, family history, and baptisms for the dead. She was able to meet the district leader before her baptismal interview, and we set up a time for her interview. Super solid evening :)

On Friday we exchanged back and did some weekly planning. After weekly planning we went over to the Church and gave the referal a Church tour. He really liked it! The library especially. Pretty sure he read the back of every single movie in the library, and even checked one out. After the Church tour we went over to Family Pathways for the remainder of the evening and helped set up for Christmas. They called it Mistletoe Mania! It was pretty fun :) I teamed up with a member and helped decorate one of the corner display areas. We had a winter lodge theme, and it turned out super great! Then they came over and told us that it wasn't cluttered enough and that they wanted more product to be displayed. That is probably because a cluttered winter lodge doesn't look presentable!!! Whatever. We did what we were told. I took some pictures, but of course my camera is in my desk currently. Next week though :)

On Saturday we had a lesson with a less-active member, about the Book of Mormon. He is very into war and action because of his time in the military, so we talked to him a lot about the war chapters in the Book of Mormon. He loved it and is interested in starting to read it! Afterwards we drove to our Zone Interviews. Yep, we got a text on Wednesday evening informing us that our interviews were moved from next week to Saturday. Kind of crazy! We had our interviews with President Forbes, and then we were able to FINALLY watch Meet The Mormons. It was super good! Not going to lie though, I got a little bit teary eyed with the Armstrong Family and their son being on a mission. It brought back a lot of memories, but it was really great! In the evening we had the adult session of Stake Conference. Stake Conference was really good! It was fun to see all the members of my first ward as well :) Yep, they totally still remember me... (and my electric coat). Fun times!

On Sunday, Remembrance Sunday (UK), we had the general session of Stake Conference at St. Cloud University in a big auditorium. We were on the balcony, and couldn't hear a thing. It was... unique. Ritsche Auditorium was super pretty though :) The investigator couple came, so we just played some games with them and talked quietly. Kind of an interesting Church experience. In the afternoon we had a lesson with another investigator couple. We talked about the Plan of Salvation. Cody kept his commitments, and we had a great discussion! Later we had a lesson with the investigator couple about missionary work. We shared Elder Bednar's talk, "Come And See." We finished off the evening at the mother’s house teaching her 12 year old daughter. We discussed 10 Commandments, the Word of Wisdom, Tithing, Fasting, and discussed all the baptismal interview questions. She is super set!

So on Monday we were supposed to have our P-Day, but it snowed a ton. First snow of the year, and it was a blizzard. Of course! So we were stuck inside all day and couldn't email or go shopping. Super lame! But we don't want to die in a car accident either so I guess it all works out. In the evening we got permission to go out, so we had a lesson with the our investigator couple on service and obedience. It was super great! To finish off the day we had a family home evening with the mother and daughter. We filled out her baptism and confirmation record and watched the movie Legacy! Things are looking good :)

Thank you all for all of your love, support, and prayers. It is going to be another FREAKING cold winter... but I will survive. Hopefully :) Have a great week!

Best Wishes,
Elder Kyle William Andrews

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